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Aug 1

6 Tricks to Effectively Store Your Items

6 Tricks to Effectively Store Your Items

There are many questions that come to mind when storing your items, the most important one is how much space do I really need? Sometimes the space in your storage unit can fill up rather quickly. There are however helpful hints to use your space wisely.

1. Order of use:

The very first thing to think about when placing items in your unit is what will I need to retrieve first. That is the item is that goes in last. Make sure to pack your unit in the order you will be using the items, what goes in first is what you will be using last.

2. Fill hollow spaces:

Think ovens, wardrobes, drawers, anything that has a vacant space fill it with small items or boxes to maximize every inch of your storage unit.

3. Organization is key:

Like in every other aspect of life organization is key. ! Make an aisle way to get to your belongings easier. Label all your boxes. Arranging your boxes so you can see all the labels you have placed on them helps you find things easier when returning to your unit.

4. Stacking is the solution:

Stack all your tabletops and chairs top-to-top. Couches are big space consumers and are best stacked top to top. Do not place items on your couch seats as this will ultimately lead to warping.

5. Protect your treasured items:

Place photographs between cardboard to prevent curling over the time of storage. For kitchen appliances like fridges wedge the door open to ward off mildew. Although newspapers are great for reading there not so good for storing. Spend some extra cash and pack your valuables with bubble wrap instead of newspaper if your budget extends, if not newspaper is better than nothing. Just be cautious of ink smudge on more delicate items. Dust sheets are always a good extra bonus.

6. Protect clothing items:

Protect all your clothing and blankets by placing them in wardrobe boxes.