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Commercial Storage


Do you carry extra stock samples or promotional materials that are swamping your office space or showrooms. Do you require more space at different times of the year e.g. Christmas, Easter ?

At Nenagh you can:

  • Store goods and spares in a cost-effective location.
  • Run a mini-warehouse system.
  • Locate your stock in local self storage units closer to your customers.
  • Manage an office move efficiently.
  • Store items such as stock, stationary, files, office furniture and display equipment.
  • Store merchandise, window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, supplies and office furniture storage offsite to free up space at your premises.

Start-Up Business:

Rent a self storage unit to safely store your tools, equipment or stock. Limit risk and reduce exposure to long term building lease commitments by renting a self storage unit when starting your business. You can start with a small unit then move to a larger unit as your business grows.

Seasonal Business:

Why pay for premises that are going to be under utilised for part of the year? Lease the size of warehouse space that fits your base level of business and rent a self storage unit when seasonal fluctuations increase your requirements. Pay for the space you need when you need it.

Home-Based Business:

Keep overheads under control by renting a self storage unit for tools and stock – safe, secure and accessible.